The Basic Dungeon is where you start out first in the game. It's color scheme is earthy with browns, greens and grays.



Knights have above average stats. They won't attack you until you attack them, making it easy to leave them for last.


Wizards have average stats, and can fire homing orbs. They tend to teleport about when you approach them.


Theives are pretty annoying, since you can't see them until they're close to you. Other than that cloaking ability, they are pretty easy to dispatch due to their average stats.


Archers are immobile, and fire arrows at the player. They have average stats, so they're easy to get rid of. The Boss version fires volleys of 3 arrows that spread out.

The BossEdit

The Cursed Wizard has a simple pattern that's easy to read. First, it fires single shot volleys, one from each hand. Then it crashes lightning in front of it, teleporting at the same time. It's possible to dodge the lightning by watching the Boss. When it starts to glow, move away quickly, and you should dodge it.