This page is dedicated to demystifying stats of Bit Dungeon. The following tables will list the impact of stats on the flash version of this game on Kongregate.


Stat Effect
Life Regen Regenerates health every six seconds (About 1HP per 10 points) (more info below)
Life Steal Regenerates health per strike (Life Steal/100)
DeathStrike  % Chance of instantly killing a non-boss foe
Chop  % Chance of reducing foe's health (1/4 of max HP?)
Cleave  % Chance of dealing 2x Damage Stat
Proc  % Chance of casting magic on hit (If a known damage calculation exists, post it here)
Crit  % Chance of dealing Critical Strike (x3 Critical Damage value); Base crit chance is 3%
Defend  % Chance of defending against a strike (x1 armor value ,AoE + stun when active )
Run Speed Your movement speed; 132 is base movement speed, and speed increases when charged to around 200 movement speed.
Armor Reduce damage deal by monster

Note: Critical damage on a critical strike is multiplied by 4 on the flash version. The developer responded to a post asking about this prior to a later version of the game being released. This is why the calculation he posts is inaccurate for critical damage calculations. The post is on Kongregate version of Bit Dungeon.

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