Finding accurate information Edit

- Note; I will update this as I am revisiting the bit dungeon game scene. I have been away for over a year but my previous runs brought me to floor 171 and at that point I was still going strong. I've purchased a new PC since then (meaning I lost my data) but I feel I should contribute to such a small wiki to allow it to grow. If anyone wants accurate information make sure you look at revision history and look for my name in the edits I make. I may explore some of the actual mathematical calculations that the game runs for drop rate of various sought after items in the future. Note that if my name isn't in revision history yet it's because I have little time now-a-days and I made this edit to the home page on 6/6/2014. Keep a look out for my info though if you're into the actual math behind drop rates, prefix/suffix effect on items etc. Also note that I play the PC version, not the mobile app, as there are differences in loot between the two if I recall correctly; At the time I played previously, the mobile version had more loot variations.

Admins Edit

I'm not exactly sure if the staff of this wiki are still active or if anyone is very active. If anyone else is active respond. Going to try to clean this wiki up a bit and add more content. Tatatat0 (talk) 18:48, April 11, 2015 (UTC)

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